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Remarks from a former resident: “I often think about the calm of my younger days and imagine where I would have been had I not been at the Collective.”

A day in the collective


Every one of the house's residents has, as a foundation, some form of school or work that keeps them occupied during the week as well as on weekends too sometimes.


We wake those that need rousing from sleep and ensure the breakfast table is set to offer a meal to start the day before getting out the door. We pack a lunch for them to take. We encourage the kids to get to school or work by themselves, but make alternative transport arrangements for them when needed.


Residents can choose between

  • spending time with their friends
  • taking part in activities at the house or elsewhere
  • getting help with their homework
  • taking up hobbies or interests
  • enjoying the calm and relaxation of their own rooms
  • spending time in the common rooms playing games, watching TV or just hanging out chatting with others in the house
  • or using the many computers to surf, chat and game.Dinner is prepared by the adults primarily, but the kids are encouraged to lend a hand.Bed time is set according to each resident, depending on age and when they need to wake up the following day, but it must be quiet after 11 o'clock in each room and in the house.


​Those that have planned to be with family, guardians or friends stay over a single night or spend the 

whole weekend with them. 

Sometimes we take the kids to their destination and pick them up, sometimes they take the bus or the
train themselves. 

Family and friends can also visit and are welcome to spend the night.

On weekends residents relax in their rooms, hang out in the recreation rooms inside and out in the
garden. We also take trips as a group to build shared experiences.

School and Work

While we don't have any in-house schooling, we maintain a close working relationship with the local

institutions. Bakkevejens school, 5 km away in Bramming, is the primary provider of schooling for

residents of the collective, but our kids can also attend a private “little school” when it is deemed more appropriate. These schools have been great at accommodating our kids. In the past, when kids have

experienced school fatigue, local employers have been willing to create internships or positions designed for them as an alternative. 


School placement occurs in cooperation with PPR Esbjerg municipality.​


In the past many years we have arranged several different vacations both within Denmark and outside.

We go on vacation, for the most part, every year:

Summer Vacation:

During summer we've most often traveled to other countries in our own bus or in some kind of tour
bus. We try to plan trips together with the kids so we can collaborate on finding destinations and
activities. The last few trips have been to Italy, Czech Republic, France and Croatia.

Fall and Winter Break:

If there is enough interest among residents, we enthusiastically go traveling during these times. During winter vacation in the past, we've taken ski trips to Italy, France, Austria and Norway. Other
destinations during school holidays include big city trips or traveling to beach resorts. Planning takes
into account the wishes of those wanting to take part and, of course, the amount of money available.

Shorter Trips:

Every year we arrange a couple of trips within Denmark to tourist destinations like amusement parks and cultural attractions.

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