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For partners

Remarks from partners:

“Flexibility is a positive factor and very important for the neglected youth.”

“It's my impression that everyone is highly competent, they begin with the individual's needs but maintain a realistic approach with their efforts on the whole!”

Aftercare and transition


Our after care comprises mainly of us staying apprised of the youths that have moved out. We try to invite all the
“alumna”, their partners and kids once a year.
We send greetings on their birthdays and we hold a Christmas reunion together. More importantly they can come and visit whenever they want and they call us frequently. Sometimes because they need help or sometimes just to chat.


When the kids are ready to move out, we make a plan with them that involves their family and the municipal
service that brought them to us.
The transition timetable is fashioned after the individual's needs and the prevailing circumstances.

Possible considerations:

Full enrolment over shorter periods or part-time residence, subject to assessment every three months.

We have a personal consultant associated to the house.

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