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Target group and vision

Remarks from a former resident: “I was accepted and become more open to other people that I otherwise wouldn't have spoken to. I have gotten better at respecting others at least.”

Placement Framework for the Intended Individual​

The Hunderup Collective is a social pedagogical boarding house that falls under law jf. SEL § 142.

Target Group:

The Collective is approved for providing homes for 7 children/youths aged 12 to 18 (23).

Approval of children and youths is subject to the following problem characteristics:

Psychological, social, behavioural and/or learning disabilities or problems

  • specific problems manifest in the average kid is characterised by neglect and temporarily enduring crises after an accident, death and/or trauma.

Isolation and Lack of Contact

  • Personality disorders, self-estrangement, borderline disorders, etc.

We also welcome kids from other ethnic backgrounds than Danish.

We don't receive children or youths actively using drugs. If drug abuse is detected, protocols are initiated to

provide treatment (i.e. detox).

The kids that room and board in the Hunderup Collective are typically children and youths that can be characterised as “culturally impoverished”, “emotionally neglected”, “abused”, and negatively affected by a dysfunctional family, a troubled school history, criminal associations, low self-esteem or deficient social integrity.

Core Approach:​

A part-time enrolment can take place after kids move out. We can work together with the municipality responsible for the individual and arrange to provide counselling for the youth that has moved out.

Pedagogical Methods:

​We work first and foremost within a relationship.

According to the specific circumstances of each of our kids, we work toward behavioural adjustments.

As pedagogues, we believe we can involve the kids in a dynamic daily existence that inspires a desire for life and experience with the ability to cope with the demands of a normal daily routine and its necessary interactions.

We utilise a social pedagogical approach to create a framework, activities and social relationships that provide the children and youths the appropriate care, sense of security and confidence in community and their own abilities.

We consider the relationships established in our active atmosphere between adults and kids and among the kids themselves respectively as central to the learning that happens here. It's important for the kids living here to gain experience nurturing dynamic and supportive social relationships.

Relationships are affected by:

  • ​Honesty
  • Validation
  • Flexibility
  • Respect
  • Tolerance

In conclusion it must be mentioned that we stress the importance of continuity, engagement, comfort, the kid's right to be a kid, participation in community together with the opportunities and challenges presented to the youth by the society in which we now live. These elements are essential to the pedagogical environment we work to sustain.


  • ​To maintain a flexible and spacious workplace
  • To maintain employee satisfaction
  • To maintain a high degree of professionalism
  • To maintain good developmental and educational opportunities
  • To maintain acceptance of diversity and respect for individuals
  • To establish professional and personal supervision as a core element in practice
  • To ensure good working conditions for all employees

​At the heart of our efforts lies our goal of providing an open and versatile home for kids where:

  • There are great opportunities to grow and develop,
  • Individuals are treated with respect,
  • He or she is validated for who they are,
  • Daily life and the individual's needs, sense of self and abilities form the basis for their pedagogic/framework/education,
  • There is an abiding openness and amenability toward the kids' family and care givers
  • Cooperation with the individual youth and their relative collaborators (case worker, school, employer, psychologist and other therapists) is forthwith prioritised

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